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Subico Food Products has acquired expertise in the domain of manufacturing and export of Glucose Biscuits, Nice Biscuits, Milk & Honey Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Glucose Biscuit Manufacturers, ATC Pack Cream Biscuits Exporter, Cream Biscuit Exporter in India, etc from last 7 years. we have established ourselves as one of the most prominent Glucose Biscuits Exporters and Suppliers from India with our registered Brand Subico.

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Subico Food products are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions. Immense caution is exercised in the procurement of raw materials such as wheat, flour, sugar, vegetables, glucose, syrup and malt. Rigid quality standards are ensured at every stage of the production process. Every batch of, Glucose Biscuits, Nice Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Milk & Honey Biscuits etc. are thoroughly checked by quality experts using the most modern equipment.

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